26 January 2015


Doing away with domes

UK, Teddington. SkyTech, a company active in the area of maritime and aeronautical satellite communications, is tackling the issue of how to integrate VSAT hardware on superyachts into a more aesthetically pleasing package.

SOLIDWORKS allows designers to focus on designing

London, UK. The latest version of the SOLIDWORKS 3D design software removes many of the geometric complications from the design process

Cooler decks

THE NETHERLANDS, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. Esthec has added three new colours to its range of Esthec Lined Sheets. All three contain the same characteristics as the others in its range, but these have been specifically developed to be

Future technologies

Are innovations like eco solutions, hybrid concepts or advanced materials progressing quickly enough to significantly affect the current superyacht design market? Harley O’Neill, director of SuperyachtME, believes we ar

SYD Week: Material advantages

Alternative materials must surpass traditional materials to guarantee uptake, say designers in the morning session of day two at SuperyachtDESIGN Week

The quiet zone

In SuperyachtDesign Q14, industry representatives commented on whether or not technology ultimately enhances or detracts from the on-board experience for owners and guests. One such technology is the Active Noise Cancelling

The hydrogen powered Pinstripe

SWEDEN, Vargön. While there are tender manufacturers that offer environmentally conscious hybrid propulsion systems, Gray Design has revealed a nine-metre concept with a hydrogen propulsion system called Pinstripe.

Central command concept

DENMARK, Risskov. Audio-visual specialist, Lantic Entertainment Systems has released a new feature for its cabin control software called Central Command. The addition offers cost and environmentally-efficient benefits to the… More

Bamboo tender

AUSTRIA, Vienna. The R1 tender is a 7.7m concept designed by Sigmund Yacht Design and commissioned by US-based bamboo specialist Lamboo.… More

Exploring History

Gianluca Ascheri, an economics graduate from the commercial university Luigi Bocconi in Milan, with a masters in Business Administration, discusses the history behind Explorer vessels and their value today.… More

Audio-visual Design

In SuperyachtDesign Q4, we looked at audio-visual systems and the importance of involving experts in the early design stages to ensure mistakes are avoided. Laura Lazzerini of Studio LgL explains how the design of the interi… More

Medical precision in works of art

It is not that uncommon to meet designers who started their career in another industry, especially the automotive sector, before entering the superyacht market. Could the same be true of artists? For Fiona Haines, this is ve… More

Zircotec's ceramic coating

Zircotec’s ThermoHold ceramic technology is to be used in the 2011-12 Volvo Ocean Race, to improve the durability of vessels’ winches over the course of the 39nm competition....… More

Veritais' AV Plan for Zanziba

Veritais has been awarded the contract for the supply, installation, commissioning and support for the AV systems on board Zanziba, a 46-metre superyacht designed by David Wright Design, which is scheduled for launch in August 201… More

Staying Stable

Ensuring a yacht remains as comfortable as possible in the presence of waves has always been a top consideration in superyacht design. Paul Steinmann, owner of Halcyon International, a company that offers turnkey vessel stabilisat… More

From Performance to Opulence

Malcolm Cole is a marine engineer who has worked on a number of historic, high-performance motoryachts. At one time he supplied most of the British powerboat industry with virtually unbreakable fuel tanks for racing and fast… More

Entertainment Systems: Is it time to upgrade to 3D?

David Milner from Lantic Entertainment Systems explores the expanding world of 3D technology and asks whether the time has come to upgrade all your redundant hardware...… More

Licence to thrill

The ICON A5 is a sleek, folding-wing amphibious aircraft, that at first glance looks like something out of a James Bond movie. Made of carbon fibre with 34-foot wings that fold manually or at a touch of a button, the ICON A5… More

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Substance and extravagance with Rubelli

UK, London. Italian textile studio Rubelli has launched its newest collection, one that experiments with bold colours, new weaves and does what the company does best, reinterprets the past. More


Shuttleworth 32

UK, Isle of Wight. Shuttleworth Design has revealed two new concepts, a 70m and 32m trimaran. The designs are based on the st… More


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