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21 October 2016


Focusing on space

Morphing platforms and multi-use spaces are features likely to grow in popularity, as they provide owners with more than one option for a particular space. But what other ideas could make the superyachts of tomorrow even better?

Resting in Paris

This year has seen a number of developments for Savoir Beds, which opened its first company-owned showroom in June 2015. The business continues to grow its international presence with a total of 11 showrooms, a new website and des

Out of sight, out of mind

Döttling has created its smallest secure collectors room to date

Promoting well-being

Following a panel discussion on day one of London's Clerkenwell Design Week that explored the idea of how design can affect well-being, SuperyachtDesign asks whether there is a need to design for well-being in the realm of s

Fiona Barratt Interiors announces new flagship

Fiona Barratt Interiors has announced the launch of a new flagship store in London for FBC London and a luxury interior design studio

Keys to charter design

Designing and building a custom superyacht is the height of personal expression and luxury. But when designing their dream yacht, should owners keep others in mind? SYD explores what design elements the best charter yachts have

Design is 'boring': SuperyachtDESIGN Week speaker lays down a challenge

From the perspective of speaker and architect, Rabih Hage, the interiors of yachts today are not matching the potential of their exciting exteriors.

Working with water

A water feature will almost always be in the top 10 of an owner’s wish list, whether it be a Jacuzzi or a 10m pool. It is therefore no surprise that a growing number of concepts include waterfalls, jet-stream pools and … More

Setzer Yacht Architects opens Antigua studio

ANTIGUA, Falmouth Harbour. The influence of the new scenic setting as well as being up close to the many yachts in Antigua's harbour has already benefited the team.… More

A drop of design

In November, SYD attended a preview of a collaboration between Pininfarina, the design powerhouse behind some of the most influential car designs of the 20th century and luxury whiskey brand, Chivas. We can now reveal the re… More

Ceramic Collaboration

Earlier this year, iconic German brand Villeroy & Boch teamed up with typographic artist Ebon Heath to create 100 limited edition luxury wash basins. SYD caught up with Heath to ask him a little about the project and his design… More

London Design Week 2013 Preview...

SYD takes a look at what the showrooms of Design Centre Chelsea Harbour will be offering for spring/summer 2013 at the preview of London Design Week. Expect the bold, the bright and the beautiful… More

New directions: Equus

Acquired by Jamie Edmiston last year, Linley is evolving, adding a more contemporary edge to its products while staying true to the classic brand's loyal followers. SYD went to the showroom to see former Silverlining designer … More

Cascading Blue

Silverlining has announced that it will reveal a new collection of wood colours, textures and finishes at Monaco Yacht Show 2012. The studio has incorporated the new colours into a stunning 1.7m high wood marquetry work of a… More

Compromising for Charter

A successful charter yacht can turn an owner’s lifestyle investment into a way to generate revenue when the yacht is not being used. SYD talks to designers about how a charter viable yacht can be achieved.… More

Seeing the Light

Founded 18 years ago by Israeli husband and wife team Ayala Serfaty and Albi Serfaty, Aqua Creations Lighting & Furniture Atelier has pioneered the use of handcrafting techniques and advanced lighting technology to cr… More

Under the Skin

While every superyacht interior is highly individual and subject entirely to the owner’s personal taste, it is still possible to spot style or material trends. Design Unlimited remarks on a growing interest in the use o… More

Audio-visual Design

In SuperyachtDesign Q4, we looked at audio-visual systems and the importance of involving experts in the early design stages to ensure mistakes are avoided. Laura Lazzerini of Studio LgL explains how the design of the interi… More

National Bed Month

When the average person spends a third of their life sleeping, getting the right bed is an important investment. SuperyachtDesign speaks to luxury specialists Josephine Home, Naturalmat Marine and Aigre-Doux to uncover a few i… More

The Music of Design

One of Bespoke Global's latest artists, Paul Kelley is a leading UK furniture designer, having gained a reputation for his distinctive material combinations and detailed finishes. The former guitar maker tells SYD about his work… More

Q&A with Anna Dodonova

The brainchild of designer Anna Dodonova, Anna Casa Interiors embodies all aspects of modern living and following the growing success of the interior design side of the business, has just expanded into a new showroom in Mayfair.… More

A Gripping Yarn

Typically seen as a domestic, social craft enjoyed by older women at home, knitting is not traditionally associated with contemporary interior design. However, designers are challenging these notions, creating stunning knitted… More

Wet Space with Samuel Heath

In the very first issue of SuperyachtDesign, we took an in-depth look at bathroom design. We return to the topic here with Vanessa Allan, Marketing Manager at Samuel Heath, the UK-based bathroom brassware and architectural h… More

Wood Forever

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco has established a foundation to tackle a whole host of environmental problems around the globe. As can be seen as a diagram on his website, he is mainly concentrating his efforts on three ge… More

Tagliapietra Limousine

A recent visit to the Tagliapietra boatyard in Venice, a family-run company on the island of Guidecca with a view of St. Marks Square specialising in the construction and restoration of the city’s classic water taxis, h… More

Based Upon Bronze

Based Upon unveiled its latest creation last week, a decorative wall panel made of solid bronze, which is due to be shipped to its new home in the coming weeks. Having never worked with the material before, SuperyachtDesign … More

The Complete Experience

Patrick Knowles Designs is one America’s top interior design firm specialising in custom superyachts. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Patrick Knowles has worked with all of the major US shipyards, i… More

Transversal Design

The theme of the eleventh edition of Designer’s Days in Paris was Conversations. Luxury carpet manufacturer Tai Ping used this theme as inspiration for an unusual temporary art installation in honour of the five-day des… More

Best of British at Clerkenwell

Despite only being in its second year, Clerkenwell Design Week has managed to cement its place among the world’s top design festivals. SYD explored all that CDW had to offer and discovered that it is a great place to discov… More

Fine Cotton

Cotton is one of nature’s super materials. It is breathable, hypoallergenic, practical, sustainable, recyclable and robust. But can it be luxurious as well? According to Jane Robson, founder of The Fine Cotton Company, … More

Murano's Maestros

The tiny cluster of Italian islands known as Murano is famed throughout the world for its unique, hand-blown glass. Bringing 600 years of artistry to bear, Seguso's various studios still create beautiful glass pieces using age-o… More

Hull Optimisation

James Roy, Yacht Design Director at BMT Nigel Gee, draws from his experience in the design of numerous large yachts and commercial vessels to explore the practical limitations of optimising superyacht hulls. Together with hi… More

Art Engineering

Describing his work as art engineering, Lee Rowland’s pieces embody contemporary beauty, going one step beyond simple aesthetics by incorporating real innovation into their design. His latest work uses vitreous enamel, a … More

The Essence of Australia

The art collection on board Kokomo showcases some of Australia's finest leading and emerging artists. Here, Gregg Cave of Gregg Caves Art Solutions describes the story and meaning behind some of the striking pieces he curated and … More


Astheimer Ltd in Warwick, UK, is a design studio that draws on the experience of 300 successful projects worldwide, including cars, boats and hotel interiors. Carsten Astheimer heads the team having directed design teams at … More

A Clean Sheet

Since winning the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association Yacht Design competition in 1996, Bill Prince has gone from strength to strength and the latest to come from his design studio in Florida is a 60-metre conce… More

The Art Insurer

Most superyachts house rather impressive fine art collections. While selecting these pieces to match the interior design and suit the owner's taste can be hard enough, the issues surrounding insuring the artwork can often lead to … More

What you hear is what you see

Hear, see and feel the music you play: the music visualiser by Van Berge Henegouwen takes your audiovisual experience to the next level. Simply turn on the music and you’ll be surrounded by a unique, life-sized visual … More

The "i" Revolution

The increasingly popular and personalised nature of the iPod and iPhone and now the iPad lends itself perfectly to the multifunctional needs of the superyacht industry, where network compatibility and user friendliness are c… More

Less is More

Green’ design is a theme that is cropping up more and more in the yacht industry, but still not as much as in other industries. For Alessio Liuni from Alessio Liuni Architects & Designers, green yacht design is som… More


JoyMe is a 50-metre trideck displacement yacht and has been developed from a blank sheet of paper by the Standby studio under the leadership of architect-yacht designer Marijana Radovic. The main motivation behind the design… More

AVIT Marine

AVIT Marine in Mallorca does what it says on the tin: they specialise in the distribution and installation of high-end audio-visual Information Technology for superyachts and luxury villas. A… More


The new ‘myOlos’ integrated system of entertainment, information and domotics developed by Videoworks in collaboration with CRN and Intel is fitted aboard two CRN 43-metre yachts...… More

Attessa IV

More than just a refit, Attessa IV represents possibly the most comprehensive yacht reconfiguration ever undertaken anywhere in the world. SYD takes a look at what this 110-metre superyacht will have to offer...… More

Entertainment Systems: Is it time to upgrade to 3D?

David Milner from Lantic Entertainment Systems explores the expanding world of 3D technology and asks whether the time has come to upgrade all your redundant hardware...… More


While connecting with the ocean environment is always a consideration, many yacht designs continue to focus on the interior spaces. Dunya Yachts with their latest project, the 88-metre Blade, have done the opposite, working … More

Stone on Superyachts

Andrew Parkinson heads up SCE Stone & Design in Auckland, responsible for fitting natural stone aboard over 40 yacht projects, including the award-winning Mondango (Alloy Yachts) and Inmocean (Fitzroy Yachts). As a foret… More

Rib-X Carbon Console

Rib-X designers and manufacturers have been researching, developing and designing rigid inflatable boats since the early 1980s. Constantly innovating, one of their most radical designs to date has been a new console (initial… More


Creating a contemporary and clean interior for a yacht without it seeming cold and soulless is not always an easy task, but this is exactly what the owner of the new 30-metre sloop Meteor, designed by Dixon Yacht Design, ask… More

Quality in Sustainability

Remains Lighting founder David Calligeros launched his antiques business in 1996. His keen interest in fine metalwork, as well as his desire to have a state-of-the-art restoration workshop devoted to one class of material, pushed … More

Blind Date Mood Lighting

In their first superyacht project, Keech Green have collaborated with Light and Design Associates to create an impressive lighting concept for Hessen's Blind Date using Lutron technology...… More

Place Your Bets

Making the most of available space is a challenge for any designer. And one piece of furniture, in particular, that takes a lot of room is the dining table. It has to accommodate a certain number of seated guests, but when y… More

Daedalian Glass

Daedalian Glass is a bespoke glass manufacturer based in Lancashire, UK.  Founded in 1986, the company philosophy has always been to maintain the highest standards in design, manufacture and service. As trends in interi… More

TSYD Murena Range

Tim Saunders Yacht Design (TSYD) is a superyacht design studio providing innovative design solutions for international clients and shipyards working on custom, production and refit projects varying in style and length. While TS… More

Say It With Leather

James Lang is Group Marketing Director of the Scottish Leather Group, the largest manufacturer...… More

Lounge Space: All Fired Up

There is a long history of fireplaces being used on yachts, originally for warmth and more recently for ambience.… More

Wet Space: Dornbracht and Design

Matthias Voit is a marine applications specialist at Dornbracht GmbH, a major supplier of bathroom equipment to the yachting industry ...… More

Wet Space: Mirror, Mirror

Often recognised more for their function than their form, mirrors are more looked into than looked at. Mediterraneo Design aims to change that...… More

The New, New Atlantis

Atlantis, in Plato's account, was a naval power lying off the Pillars of Hercules that sank into...… More

Woolen Masterpieces

Today's interior designers are elevating yacht design to new heights of innovation and luxury starting from...… More

Hope in the Sky

A visit to a brand new Heesen 47-metre, the second of the high-speed semi-planing...… More

Va Bene

First let's look at Va Bene's unusual pedigree. The yacht was designed by Richard Hein and built at the Kees Cornelissen shipyard...… More

Sea Force One

We refer to finely finished shiny boat equipment as boat jewellery or bling. The best yachts have often been referred to as works of art...… More

Baracuda - Harmony in grey and white

The Baracuda spelling is unusual to English eyes by lacking an 'r', but that is the merest hint of how different she really is...… More

The Story of A - Redefining the gigayacht

She has been called SF 99 then Sigma but her true name is a simple letter...… More

Teak Myths

In June of 2007, I read with interest an article in issue 85, page 81, of The Yacht Report regarding 'Teak Tactics'. As we briefly discussed… More

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Paola Lenti

Italian furniture designer Paola Lenti is trasnforming exterior styling with its striking trademark colour schemes and textures, whilst using a synthesis of traditional and technological manufacturing techniques More


Oceanemo unveil largest yacht to date

Colaborative team Oceanemo, has unveiled its largest concept to date, the Oceanemo 55… More


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