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26 October 2016

SuperyachtDesign Quarterlies

Superyacht Design issue 27

Issue 27

Issue 27 features an insightful visit to Cor D Rover studio, where the designer applies a novel approach whereby production design proposals are 'vetted' by a focus group. This rare approach prompted the question as to the responsibility of promoting yachting to the wider market, and what role a yacht designer plays in this.

Naval architect and yacht design director at BMT Nigel Gee James Roy explores some of the issues surrounding the adaptation of new technology, while we delve into old techniques and materials used to achieve glass artwork with Jan Frydrych and Marek Landa, founder of Crystal Caviar. We also look at some new lighting solutions with Promotech and solutions to enhance privacy in crew quarters.

Making the most of interior spaces was one of the many goals for designer Maria Speake who was tasked with taking on the interior refit of Kingdom Come. The 60.5m classic Feadship was the first yacht project for the designer, as was the design of OneOcean Port Vell's grounds for Spanish studio SCOB. The focus for this edition of Domus Design, founders Sergi Carulla and Oscar Blasco reveal how the project came into being and what inspired their creation.

We also explore the various alternatives to the monohull in Tech Talk and present examples of some of these other options in Concepts from studios Green Yachts, Christopher Seymour Designs, Andy Waugh Design, Venetian Design and Dennis Ingemasson.

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Superyacht Design issue 26

Issue 26

SuperyachtDesign Issue 26 is the spring edition of the magazine, featuring the first sponsored Product Special - an annual guide with the latest products to come from suppliers and luxury brands from around the world.

Alongside this we feature articles that explore the world of furniture and furnishings on board, how to maintain them and the common mistakes made in their design from the crew's perspectives. While guest columnist Ben van Berkel from Dutch studio UNStudio discusses some of the studio's finest furniture designs and what makes them special.

Embroidery specialist Victoria Bain talks to us about the detail that goes into her work in Artisan, as we explore the thinking and technology used to achieve Rossinavi's 39.3m Taransay in Top Yacht. While In Business explores the value of refits as owners opt to reinvigorate their existing vessel. This issue also tackles the challenges of the new Polar Code and discusses how IMO's Tier III NOx requirements will impact on the design process.

We also take a look below the waterline as we speak to Van Oossanen Naval Architects about its hull design solutions in Case Study, while Focal Point looks at the innovations that make underwater exploration easier and safer.

From what exists today to what the future might offer, in this edition of Concepts we speculate on the ideas and thinking that may influence the projects of tomorrow. While designers Fiona Diamond and Steve Gresham convey how they bring the quality and attention to detail demanded on superyachts to their residential projects.

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Superyacht Design issue 25

Issue 25

Retaining the title SuperyachtDESIGNERS, Issue 25 combines engaging editorial, the latest edition of the SuperyachtDESIGNERS portfolio and the second issue of the Designers Global Order Book.

This issue takes a look at the design and benefit of support vessels and whether or not there are new ways in which these vessels should be built and utilised. We also explore the design process itself, as seasoned owners share their experiences and reveal what they would advise other owners when choosing a design studio. "I hate to stereotype, but I have found that designers and architects in all walks of life can be quite egotistical and want to impose their ideas on a project," explained the owner of Safira.

From the design of a yacht to the hidden details that enhance the on board experience, we explore the impact of volume and quality of sound in the on-board experience. We also sit down with the founders of Buben & Zorweg and explore the company's luxury safes, Tourbillon clocks and watch winders, as it continues to cater to the superyacht sector.

This edition of SuperyachtDESIGNERS presents 21 studio portfolios, with varying degrees of experience. Each portfolio showcases a studio's Built yachts, projects In Build and the Concepts that have yet to leave the drawing board.

Issue 25 concludes with the second edition of the Designers Global Order Book, which compares 2015 with 2013/2014 and 2007/2008 to see how the market has evolved over the past seven years, with close attention paid to the past 18 months.

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Superyacht Design issue 24

Issue 24

Issue 24 begins with an insightful column about the intricacies and joys of multidisciplinary design by Marek Reichman, chief creative officer and design director at Aston Martin, taking the new AM37 tender as his subject matter.

Hoek Design Naval Architect's founder Andre Hoek and managing partner Ruurt Meulemans discuss 30 years in the superyacht industry, where passion is born, what separates the good from the great and new projects for Monaco 2015 in Case Study.

Design Debate focuses on how the new ORC Superyacht Rule will affect superyacht regatta handicapping and the knock on effect this may have on design; Philippe Briand, Ed Dubois and many more have their say. Issue 24 looks inside and outside the industry, interior design "maverick" Peter Mikic talks us through his journey from high fashion to the high seas.

World linen frontrunners, Heirlooms, explains what it takes to produce quality worthy of a Royal Warrant in Artisans, whereas In Business and In Business II look at the acumen beyond talent that is required to succeed in the superyachting coliseum.

Issue 24 also takes the reader through the best and the brightest from 2015's SuperyachtDESIGN Week and Fuorisalone in Design Event, top surfaces and finishes in Mood Board and lastly, some of the best new superyacht concepts around.

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Superyacht Design issue 23

Issue 23

This issue kicks off with a column by Burkhard List of List Contractors, who highlights the responsibility of designers, producers and owners when implementing wood on their projects, and the beauty found in the material's imperfection.

Van Berge Henegouwen's chief technology officers Ameet Sarvaiya and Guy Butteratti travel to the Consumer Electronics Show to find out how the most recent developments in the audio and visual world will impact the superyacht industry. From Tech Space to Teck Talk, founder of Rafnar shipyard Ossur Kristinsson walks us through his thinking and the technical dynamics behind the OK Hull platform, which pushes the limitations of the traditional displacement hull.

In Business speaks to John Clapot about the revival of defunct American brand Buehler Turbocraft, as the Swiss entrepreneur presents the Thunderclap 38. Case Study focuses on Venetian designer Cristiano Gatto, who refuses to be pigeonholed as a yacht designer. We also speak to Dickie Bannenberg of Bannenberg & Rowell Design about the refit of 57.3m Dream, which won the Best Refit 2014 at the ISS Design Awards.

With 70m Sybaris nearing completion, we explore the design of the project together with six apartments belonging to Bill Duker, which were all created by Miami-based PHDesign. We also visit bespoke bed manufacture Vispring to discover what makes for a superior mattress and sleeping experience, while Design Debate explores the main barriers to maintaining efficiency and reliability within the Italian supply chain.

Issue 23 also showcases the latest superyacht concepts and presents the best of deck furniture to hit the market over the past 12 months.

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Superyacht Design issue 22


In this issue we explore the benefits of hybrid technology in design and take a look at the build of RM 169R and RM 169U for Perini Navi's Perseus3, the former of which its creators believe to be the world's lightest and fastest hybrid tender. We also discover the handcrafted wooden boats from Artisan Boatworks and explore the latest accessories that add the important finishing touch to a space.

We travel to Palma de Mallorca to visit Gordiola for this edition of Artisan, as it nears its 300th anniversary, and go sailing on 47.6m sloop Wisp together with Andre Hoek and Jonathan Rhoades. From Spain to Holland, we join Eidsgaard Design at Feadship's facility to discover the problem-solving ideas applied to Project 809 in build.

With the announcement of the 2015 edition of Solidworks, we speak to the senior sales director and director of product marketing at Solidworks about the development and value of the software. It is a programme which London-based designer Evan K Marshall, the focus for this edition of Case Study, has used for many years as a key design tool.

In this edition of Domus Design, Aileen Rodriguez discusses the importance of the client/designer relationship and how designing one of her client's homes provided the opportunity to create the interior of Lurssen's 85m Solandge.

Design Debate invites designers from around the world to discuss the issue of providing design services for little or no fee in the hope of having a design built, as Facheris Design, Ardeo Design, Andrew Trujillo Design, Bannenberg & Rowell Design and VPLP Design present their latest concepts.

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Superyacht Design issue 21


The winter issue of SuperyachtDesign focuses on the practical aspects of design and how to make superyachts safer, transparent and smarter. The issue begins with an article by Paul Murphy, director of Intecho, on implementing automated systems on existing vessels.

From intelligent creativity to improved safety in helideck design, David Nelson and James Roy discuss the technical challenges of incorporating a certified helipad on a superyacht. While Robert McFarlane together with owner's representative Terry Allen discuss the conversion of two 70m offshore supply vessels into an ocean paradise for In Build.

Bergamo-based studio Officina Italiana Design is the focus in this edition of Case Study, while Fiona Barratt-Campbell shares her inspiration, designs and the importance of her Northumbrian roots in Artisan. We also visit Dutch interior outfitter Struik & Hamerslag as the company celebrates its 50 anniversary, and reveal our 'Best in Show' from this year's Monaco Yacht Show in Design Event.

We hear from Chris Conlon at Amalgam who reveals the intricacies of model making, as we explore the bespoke crystal solutions featured on 43m PhilMi, with an interior design by French studio Melot + Trillo.

Top Gear returns and presents a journey from London to Monte Carlo in a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé together with Elliot March and James White. Design Debate explores the topic of privacy, as the desire for inside/outside spaces continues to grow in popularity. We also look at the development of the latest interior furniture designs on the market in this edition of Mood Board.

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Superyacht Design issue 20


The autumn edition of SuperyachtDesign, Q20, delves into the importance of sharing information and being open to new solutions. This is most evident in the snapshot coverage of SuperyachtDESIGN Week 2014. The three-day event saw presentations from keynote speakers such as McLaren's Andrew Bailey, Patrik Schumacher from Zaha Hadid and CEO of Royal Falcon Fleet Mr M A Zaman.

Chief stewardess Agis Variani shares some of the issues faced by crew on board and reveals what is needed to produce a better interior. We visit designer Stefano Pastrovich, as he celebrates a year in his Monaco-based studio.

Designer Katharina Raczek shares her newfound appreciation for giving a new space time to breathe, as she completes her first residential project. While Eva Menz shares her passion for her craft, as we present a handful of her beautiful suspension pieces.

Top Yacht reveals the thinking behind the interior of 46m motoryacht Como designed by Redman Whiteley Dixon, while the owners of 37.5m Escapade share their design story in Owner's Brief.

We look at the latest in superyacht mast, rig and sail design in Focal Point, while in In Business we speak to Dassault Systèmes about its 3D solutions and the future of digital design tools.

Design Debate asks what the key design and engineering considerations are when catering for plant life and pets on board, as we unearth a concept by Alberto Mercati for a larger version of Adnan Khashoggi's 85.65m Nabila.

This issue also presents seven new concepts from leading design studio and Mood Board looks at wall coverings that will bring a unique perspective to a yacht's interior.

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Superyacht Design issue 19


In Q19 we hear from Peter Buescher on the qualities of American design, while Mitsu Edwards highlights examples of land-based projects that have achieved new levels in engineering and technology. The topic of advanced materials continues in Materialist where Dr Kim Wong discusses the latest developments in academia that will influence tomorrow's superyachts.

Palmer Johnson's new carbon fibre 48m SuperSport is the focus in this edition of In Build, as we visit UK-based Gosling, which combines this lightweight composite with teak in its marine collection.

With a portfolio of nearly 40 superyachts on the water and more on the way, Espen Oeino is the focus of Case Study. The Norwegian shares the secrets to his success while highlighting how some concepts published today are not just naive but borderline scams. We also tackle the abundance of brands and hoards of visitors at this year's Salone del Mobile in the company of Italian designer Marijana Radovic.

We explore 54m Forever One with an interior by Studio Massari in Top Yacht, while in Domus we speak to Gabriel Bernardi of Coote & Bernardi who designed the interior of a residential project for the owner of Perle Noire.

This issue also offers two In Business features, the first of which looks at Venice-based Rubelli, while the second looks at the newly rebranded Pride Mega Yachts. Design Debate explores the differences between production and semi-custom built vessels, as we show the thinking behind the latest carpets and rugs to hit the market in Mood Board.

The issue also presents the latest concepts from seven studios across Europe and the US, as Vripack looks at this year's colour trends.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 18


Q18 is the first issue of 2014 and kicks off with a guest letter from Chris Bangle, who shares his thoughts on the condition of superyacht design. Andrew Winch discusses how his studio uses technology to present new concepts, as Rabih Hage presents a critical evaluation of interior design.

Mario Pedol of Nauta Yachts takes the seat for Case Study, as we explore the studio's approach to motoryacht design having delivered 180m Azzam. We also look at Lady Candy, the first yacht to come from land-based interior studio Bamo, which is the focus for Domus.

We take you on board Apostrophe in Top Yacht, where we explore in greater detail the 39.7m Hakvoort. We discover how its rich art deco interior, envisaged by Reymond Langton, was realised and the challenges that had to be overcome. We also hear the latest advances in glass technology from leaders who work with this extraordinary material.

Space investigates the technical and creative challenges behind double-height lounges, while Design Debate looks at the issue of gross tonnage and the ways around the 500gt threshold from a creative perspective. We also introduce a new column entitled Trends, which explores the way in which trends influence design, using research conducted by the team at Vripack as part of VriThink!

Mood Board looks at the latest lighting products the market has to offer, as we pay a visit to Marina Mill and learn about the level of complexity that exists in delivering its hand-printed fabrics. While we investigate the value of crew input during the design process in this edition of Perspectives.

We also present new concepts from designers such as Roland Friedberger, Matt Trustam and Ward Setzer.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 17


SuperyachtDesign, Q17 is the final issue of 2013. The winter edition includes Guest Suite columns on the importance of the studio environment and looks at the role of the naval architect today versus 40 years ago.

This edition of Space explores the world of departure lounges, as we look into whether or not designers should work more closely with Flag registries in Perspectives. Picking up on comments made during SuperyachtDESIGN Week earlier this year, we hear from a panel of experts in Design Debate about how to overcome barriers to innovation. We also hear from Greg Hoar in Tech Talk, as he discusses the qualities of vinyl.

Top Yacht takes you on a guided tour of the nature-inspired 32.6m Inukshuk built by Baltic Yachts, as we present our 'Six of the Best' interiors from the Monaco Yacht Show in the company of the designers. One of the projects we look at in particular is Heesen's Galactica Star designed by Omega Architects, which is the studio of focus in Case Study.

Clever space management is the key for this edition of Domus Design, as Mario Pedol of Nauta Yachts shares how the studio created 4@1Home for Dolce Vita Homes. We also speak to founder of Davidson, Richard Davidson and daughter Alexandra Davidson about what makes the family furniture business tick in Artisan. In Mood Board, we go through the development of fabrics from leaders in the production of textiles.

We also present concepts from Oceanco, motion code: blue, Gresham Yacht Design, Frank Neubelt Yacht Designs and A-sign Studio.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 16


SuperyachtDesign, Q16 is our Monaco Yacht Show edition and includes a Guest Suite column by designer Peter Symonds who explores the qualities of Bamboo as a construction material. Quality, material, heritage and design are explored in Artisan, as we visit Baccarat in France.

We meet with Burkhard List, CEO of List General Contractors for In Business, while Design Events provides a "moment in time" review of the first ever SuperyachtDESIGN Week.

Rainsford Mann Design is our focus for Case Study, as we hear about its latest projects including a 90m submarine, an 18m fast patrol interceptor craft, and the detailing behind CIMC Raffles Yachts' 88m Illusion inspired by Rolls-Royce.

The British luxury car brand continues to inspire superyacht designers in this issue, as we present Stefan Monro's 450ex concept along with designs by Dubois Naval Architects, De Basto Designs, Andrew Trujillo Design, George Wolstenholme, Jonathan Peace and a 145m by SABDES. Making any vessel above 140m look sleek and sexy is a tall order and is the topic of discussion in Design Debate.

Top Yacht explores the thinking behind the interior of Icon Yachts' Maidelle (now Meridian) with designer Cristiano Gatto, as Kamini Ezralow talks to us in Domus Design about her work on Celestial Hope, Spain's Marbella Club Hotel and a new restaurant, OLiban, in Monaco.

Gunnar Vikingur speaks to us about Vikal International's 11.25m limo tender, which features a rigid roof that folds away into the engine bay in Tech Talk. Perspectives explores the work of architect Achille Salvagni, while Mood Board presents the 'finishing touches' used in the interior including bed linen, accessories and tableware.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 15


Our summer edition of SuperyachtDesign, Q15, begins with articles from Andrew Trujillo, who explores the lesser known school of design, Art Nouveau, and Luis de Basto, who looks at the influence of land-based architecture on the design of superyachts. We also explore this connection in Domus Design, where we talk to Rob Wetzels and Gillian Brown about their work on residential projects.

There is an abundance of industry rules and regulations that designers have to keep in mind, but to what extent do these regs actually affect the designers, suppliers and builders? Our Design Debate asks a panel of industry representatives what they think.

Emanuele Castellini, co-founder of Italian textile manufacturer C&C Milano, talks to us for In Business about the story behind the company's luxury fabrics. In Artisan, Fameed Khalique opens the doors to his material larder, while Mood Board looks at the inspiration behind deck furniture collections.

In Build sees SYD catch up with Veerle Battiau to learn more about her work on the 71m conversion project, Enigma XK. We also talk to Mr Zaman in Top Yacht about his project with Royal Falcon Fleet, RFF 135, a yacht that promises to change our perception of design.

In Focal Point we explore the subject of designing an accessible superyacht, while for Perspectives Lottie Lyne of Crew à la Mode tells us how crew uniform design is a vital element in completing the superyacht concept.

Finally, we close the issue with a selection of concepts from design studios such as Chris Bowen, Feadship, motion code: blue, Oceanco, René van der Velden Yacht Design, Quartostile and Delta Design Group.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 14


Starting 2013 with a clear automotive theme, SuperyachtDesign Q14 kicks off with a Guest Suite column by Bernardo Zuccon on the architectural precepts that form the basis of good yacht design.

A sizeable section of this issue is dedicated to what really gets yacht designers revving, as they tell us about their favourite car designs. We also hear from Martin H Redmayne, on his experience of the RWD Auto Tour.

In Perspectives, Guido de Groot deals with the topic of retro styling, while Adam Lay explores the influence of classical architecture in his design of the main lobby and staircase aboard 61m Lady Kathryn V in Focal Point.

Mood Board looks at the inspiration behind some of the latest furniture designs from international brands, as we visit Nuvolari Lenard's design studio in Case Study. We also meet with DKT Artworks in Artisan and reveal the intricacy that goes into the artwork the team produces for superyachts and residential interiors.

We get an exclusive peek at Achille Salvagni's interior concepts for Perini Navi for In Build, as Design Debate explores high-tech systems vs low-tech. Technology is further discussed in Tech Talk where we reveal the detailed workings of the noise cancelling system installed on Darlings Danama.

In Domus we speak to Kirby-Perkins and yacht designers Langan Design Partners to discover how the team transformed a basement into a classic Edwardian schooner. While Kohro, a relatively new brand with the superyacht industry firmly in its sights, is the focus of In Business.

We conclude the issue with a selection of concepts from design studios such as Persak & Wurmfeld, Christopher Seymour Designs and NC2/Frank Neubelt Yacht Designs.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 13


In the final issue for 2012, Q13 delivers project and studio news from around the globe, and presents products and concepts that will influence the coming year. The issue starts with Guest Suite articles from Peter Buescher, Hugh Garforth-Bles and Carlo Tonarelli, each offering interesting insight into different sectors of the industry's design sphere.

In Top Yacht we take a walk around the interior of six superyachts (Stella Maris, Better Place, Lady Petra, Hamilton, Darlings Danama and Mogambo) while in the company of the yacht's designers. We also take a look at the Fendi Casa-branded interior aboard Lady Lara with Raffaella Vignatelli in Owner's Brief.

Q13 showcases the winner and runner-ups of the 2012 Awlgrip Challenge in Events, along with providing an overview of the second SYD Summit of the year and the SuperyachtDesign seminar at Decorex. The issue also explores the topic of production versus custom tenders in Design Debate.

We speak to Polly Sturgess of Pod Interior Style about designing lounge spaces and Henk De Vries takes the hot seat in Rapid Fire. Adriana Monk shares her views on car and yacht design in Focal Point, while In Business focuses on Ed Dubois and his approach to leadership. We also pay a visit to the design studio behind 77m Tango, Eidsgaard Design.

Looking forward to what might inspire 2013, we track the developments in lighting products over the past year in Mood Board, while exploring the secret to successful exterior furniture design in Perspectives. And finally in Concepts, you can expect the usual innovative designs, this time from the likes of Newcruise Yacht Projects & Design, Aeronautica Industries, Bury Design, Moore Yacht Design, Paolo Giordano Yacht Design, Scott Henderson and Nauta Yacht Design.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 12


Our autumn edition of SuperyachtDesign, Q12-which is also our Monaco Yacht Show issue-delivers the latest in design-related news, and presents fresh ideas from some of the best design studios around the world. Hot off the drawing board in this issue are concepts from the likes of H2 Yacht Design in collaboration with Laurent Giles, Ken Freivokh, Vripack and Fincantieri.

We start the issue with a Case Study visit to British studio Michael Leach Design to meet Leach and studio partner Mark Smith to discuss their approach to yacht design. And in Domus Design we talk to South African property developer and yacht owner Kirk Lazarus about his company Molori, the design inspiration behind Molori's private retreats and his superyacht Told U So.

As the new owner of luxury furniture manufacturer Linley, Jamie Edmiston is the face of In Business, revealing his future plans for the British brand. We also explore the design criteria behind the next generation of superyacht marinas in Perspectives.

Q12 delivers not one, but two Focal Point features. The first article looks at the latest bespoke sofa project by New York design veteran Vladimir Kagan. This is followed by a column from Based Upon's Ian Abell, on the company's latest centrepiece-feature aboard a recent refit project.

Taking a closer look at the classic art of marquetry, we talk to Howard Sansome of Aryma in Artisan about their work on projects like Lady Christine, while in In Build designer Martin Kemp reveals the first renders for the interior of the BSD Logica147.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 11


Our summer issue of SuperyachtDesign Q11 delivers a special concept article on Reymond Langton Design's new 63-metre SWATH design for Abeking & Rasmussen.

Q11 sees the arrival of another new column entitled Mood Board. This section explores the design development of interior products, starting in this issue with a look at luxury carpets.

We meet with Nick Candy of Candy & Candy for our second Domus Design feature, and hear how the Candy brothers built up their property empire and injected residential experience into Candyscape II. Our In Business column reveals the corporate philosophy behind Vedder Finest Interior, as we speak to director Ludger Dohm.

Focal Point dives into the world of mast design, as we take a look at the considerations behind the design of the mast and antennas with Derik Wagner of MTN Satellite Communications. Wepay a visit to Rhoades Young Design in Case Study and Laurent Giles Superyacht Architecture in Perspectives.

We present the intricate art of silversmithing at the workshop of Georg Jensen in Artisan, and present Six of the Best from Maison et Objets and an overview of our own Summit event, with guest speakers Andrew Winch, Tim Heywood and Terence Disdale.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 11


SuperyachtDesign Q10 is the first issue of 2012, and introduces two new feature columns, as we explore both the commercial side of design in greater depth and the crossover of yacht design with land-based architecture.

In Business is the first of these new columns where we take a look at the management styles of key figures in the business of yacht design. Our first candidate is Giovanni Costantino, the flamboyant chairman and CEO of Tecnomar.

Domus Design is the second new column, which delves into the world of residential interior design and its relevance to yacht design. Michael Keech and Graham Green of the Keech Green studio are our focus, as they share their land-based background and how this transferred to their first interior aboard Blind Date.

ther articles include an analysis of Bannenberg & Rowell Design's latest interior projects, Kaiser and Aurelia in Top Yacht, a two-part Case Study on emerging design studios Hot Lab and Van Geest Design, and a discussion on design and ownership by Riza Tansu in Owner's Brief.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 11


SuperyachtDesign Q9 explores the finer details of cabin design in Cabin Space with interior design consultant, Georgina Cox. In Materialist, SYD hears from Ed Roberts at Hodgdon Yachts about the multiple aesthetic and structural applications of wood

As a special feature this quarter, we pay tribute to the late Vic Carless-the artist behind some of the finest watercolour depictions of famous yachts.

There are interviews with the designers of Numptia, Mike Kelsey Jr of Palmer Johnson, the Italian owner of the 36-metre sloop, Canova and French designer Christian Liaigre about his refined concept sketches of Vertigo.

SYD takes you to Turkey with the H2 Yacht Design team to look at two yachts in two different shipyards and Mark Stumer of Mojo Stumer talks to us about architecture, yachts and the interior design of Sky.

In Design Debate, the very topical area of design awards is broached, and asks what prestige awards confer on winners and who should judge.

Finally we have a review of the top products from this year's Decorex and Focus shows and we present new concepts and design related articles by some of the biggest names in the industry.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 11


SuperyachtDesign's 2011 Monaco Yacht Show issue brings with it a new and fresh-looking soft cover!

Work, Rest & Play, our Space feature by Ellen Anderson, makes a case for designers to pay more attention to crew spaces. In Materialist, we explore the world of ceramics, a historical material used in modern products, offering beauty, versatility and value for money.

Beatrice Witzgall explains why lighting is more than basic illumination in Perspectives, as Focal Point reveals Rémi Tessier's new range of superyacht furniture, featured first on Satori. We also discover the secrets of Redman Whiteley Dixon design studio in Case Study.

New to this issue is Artisan, where we explore the materials of Madagascar and Indonesia via Livingstonehome studio in Genoa. We also treat you to an interview with Alice Huisman, managing director of Royal Huisman, in Rapid Fire. There are also reports from the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) and Coventry Degree Show.

In Owner's Brief, we hear from Rembert Berg who tells of a very special restoration project on the classic 22.8-metre Feadship, Serena.

SYD deservedly dedicates attention to new media in Design Debate, with six opinion leaders delivering their verdicts.

Concepts include the likes of CRN, Bicube Design, DBLA, Moore Yacht Design and Tony Castro.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 11


In our extensive Space feature, Lounging Around, Mark Tucker of Design Unlimited presents solutions to flexible lounge space, illustrating the various options available. While in Materialist, design consultant Georgina Cox walks us through the finer points of fabric selection.

Interviews with top designers include Andrew Winch in Rapid Fire, who tells us what inspired him to be a yacht designer. We discover Bill Tripp's avant-garde views on design, technology and performance in Case Study.

Q7 gives an overview of the second Nespresso Cup and the sixth SuperyachtDesign Summit, which tackled the topic of the MLC and its impact on yacht design and safety at sea. The Events section also presents Six of the Best products from the 2011 Salone del Mobile, as it celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Design Debate is on 'Minimalism', a term often bandied about in the design world, but what does it mean? Guest Suite commentators include Ian Hornsby, Gary Grant, Peter Symonds and Adam Lay.

Perspectives covers lift technology with guest contributors, Emile van der Starre and Mike Brandt. Elevators are almost de rigeur on superyachts and are now appearing on vessels of 40-metres or less.

Included in the issue are Concepts from Ken Freivokh Design, Hydro Tec, Christopher Seymour Design and Arman Marine.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 11


With a distinct Italian flavour, Q6 looks at various design studios across Italy. In Case Study, SYD talks to Giovanni Zuccon, while In Build looks at a 45-metre displacement superyacht being built at Rossi Navi, with exterior designer Tommaso Spadolini.

Focal Point takes a closer look into the innovative dining chairs created by Wetzels Brown Partners in the interior of award-winning Chrisco.

In this quarter's Space, Heather Hawthorne talks us through the spa area, exploring the various innovative ways of incorporating a spa onboard. Steel and increasingly aluminium are easily the most prolific materials in the construction of large yachts. In Materialist, naval architect and aluminium specialist Nick Stark touches on the world of metal.

Design Debate gets the ball rolling on the topic of luxury marketing with key industry representatives offering their views. We ask them about superyacht design and marketing in our post-crisis world, exploring what needs to change to attract new superyacht owners.

Guest Suite includes columns from Tine Willumsen, Evan K Marshall, David Jensen and Thierry Verhaaren. Concepts, from the likes of Reymond Langton Design, Claydon Reeves, Hot Lab and Newcruise, to name a few, along with cutting-edge products are also showcased, with Rapid Fire putting Andre Hoek in the spot light.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 11


A major theme throughout Q5 is the comparison between car design and yacht design. In Case Study, editor Justin Ratcliffe talks to Chris Bangle, the controversial former head of design at BMW, while Design Debate asks leading designers from both the car and the yacht industry what we can learn from each other.

Focal Point looks at Vikal's first tenders for Coral Island, and in Focus Extra, designer Chris Lyall from RIB-X tells us why they only employ designers from the automotive field.

Space looks at the art of dining on a superyacht, exploring the changing use of space, galley design, wine storage and the considerations needed to create functional, luxurious and enjoyable dining areas. Materialist is dedicated to the world of composites, taking you through a host of synthetic composite products that reflect a more contemporary interpretation of luxury.

From examining SOLAS regulations or looking at crew space design, Ed Dubois, Peter Hülsemann, Danny Keeven and Tommaso Spadolni offer thoughtful Guest Suites. Concepts presents designs from the likes of Rainsford Mann Design, Porsche Design, Gian Paolo Nari and Feadship, to name a few. Perspectives looks at a variety of technical sketches from designers like Adam Lay, Jon Bannenberg and Jonathon Rhoades.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 11


In this issue we hear from Bannenberg & Rowell Design, Tim Saunders Yacht Design, Sabdes Design, Pastrovich Studio, Donald L. Blount Associates, Avadesign and Oceanfast – all presenting their latest ideas and innovations.

Guest Suite columns from Ron Holland, Sally Johansson, John Cantu and Jonathan Strachan express their views from the cross fertilisation of design disciplines to feng shui in interior design.

Space delves behind the scenes of audio-visual systems and entertainment spaces. Glyn Hutchinson along with a handful of commentators, discuss the various elements and considerations needed to achieve the ultimate entertainment system. This is taken further as Greg Marshall talks about his work on Big Fish and Richard Beattie tells us his story of the new yacht in Owner's Brief.

In Materialist, SYD travelled to the Apuan Alps above Carrara to explore natural stone and marble and to investigate how yacht designers are only now beginning to realise its full potential.

Nicola Elstone from Elstone Hayes Associates discusses the important task of sourcing art for superyachts in Perspectives, while we take a closer look at Australia-based Sam Sorgiovanni in our Case Study. Design Debate tackles the sensitive topic of recognition, with opinions from designers, naval architects and shipyards, each sharing their views.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 11


The summer issue of 2010, offers Guest Suite columns from Andrew Winch, Peter Buescher, Stephen Hills and Dan Hooton, covering topics from onboard security to the steps that can be taken to make the business of yacht construction more 'green'.

Space examines the realm of deck space and looks at designs, opinions and products from the likes of Blohm & Voss, Heesen, Espen Oeino and others. In Materialist we investigate glass, a versatile material with multiple uses that has yet to see the same innovative structural applications in the yacht building industry as in land-based architecture.

Rapid Fire gives an insight into the working life of Tim Heywood, while Lee Savage from OceanLED talks about LED technology in Perspectives.

Design Debate asks leading industry subcontractors how the manufacturing and assembly process can be improved and we also look at the thorny issue of intellectual property at the third edition of the SuperyachtDesign Summit.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 11


This issue continues with a look at the Global Superyacht Forum and includes the winning designs from Seatec 2010. We investigate the gym area in Space, presenting an eclectic mix of design ideas, products and concepts from industry leaders including Andrew Winch, Amy Moses, Technogym and Power Plate.

In Materialist, SYD explores the world of custom carpets with Oliver Treutlein, while Design Debate looks at the effects of the economic downturn on the superyacht industry asking the experts how they perceive the economic crisis to have affected the industry.

Guest Suite presents columns from Bill Prince, Adriel Rollins, Rob Papworth and Nick Boksa, who share their expert opinions on topics ranging from the importance of refits in times of economic uncertainty to the age old question of form versus function in new concepts.

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SuperyachtDesign issue 11


The first edition provided an insight into what was to follow in 2010. In Materialist, we explore the world of leather, its many applications and introduce some of the top craftsmen in their field. Focusing on an area that is rarely discussed, Space delves deeper into the design of bathrooms and dayheads and the details that goes into this beautiful space. Other articles include Guest Suite columns by James Lawson, Mark Boddington, Michael Schutte and Wim Koersvelt, who talk about industry-related topics.

Rapid Fire with Rudolf Rincklake van Endert, founder of Metrica INTERIOR.

Concepts, designs, opinions and products from the likes of Bannenberg & Rowell Design, List, Glyn Peter Machin, Vondom, and Dennis Ingemansson to mention a few.

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